Young Finnish Man started his own grocery store with Winnipoker

Ramsey is a 30 year old man born and raised in Finland. Finland is one of the richest nations on earth doesn’t mean that each and every person living there is filthy rich. Take Ramsey’s story as an example. Ramsey wasn’t good at studies so his father’s decision was not to enroll Ramsey in college and start him in his small grocery store in Tampere. After completing school, Ramsey started managing his father’s small grocery store in Tampere.

Ramsey was doing it good until the day he fell in love with a girl who used to come everyday to buy stuff at Ramsey’s grocery store. One day, Ramsey stole all the money from his father’s grocery store and ran away with his girlfriend to the small town of Porvoo. Ramsey started working odd-jobs while there and his girlfriend would do nothing. After 7 months, Ramsey’s girlfriend left him and Ramsey wanted to go back to his hometown of Tampere but couldn’t due to the theft he did at his father’s store.

Ramsey had only 500 Euros in his pocket and that was all the money he got. Ramsey wanted to turn these 500 Euros into tens of thousands to start a grocery story of his own. Ramsey said to himself “Let me take a chance, it is either that these 500 Euros turn into tens of thousands or I will go back to my father.”

Ramsey logged in the most trusted winnipoker website and started playing poker. He did nothing but played winnipoker day and night until he turned his 500 Euros into 50, 000 Euros. With those 50, 000 Euros, Ramsey started a grocery store of his own in the town of Porvoo. His grocery store is more popular and makes more money than that of his father. How you liked that? There is nothing impossible if you have the real will and winnipoker.

Young man turned $200 into $21000 within a week with Poker

Richard is a 29 year old young businessman who used to work for an eBay seller before owning his own eBay business. Richard is a photographer by profession. Richard used to work as a photographer for the eBay seller he used to work for before. Working for the eBay seller, Richard learnt everything that he needed to know about how to do an eBay business, where to get the stuff from, how to sell it, how much to sell it for and how much to buy it for, but Richard had no money to start a business. With the salary he got as a photographer, he could only survive, he had no money saved.

Richard was too tired of working for the other person, he wanted to do something on his own too badly. Richard had only $200 saved. Richard had no idea how he can start an eBay business of his own with these $200. Richard went online and started looking for ways to multiply his $200 and after searching for hours he came across one of the most trusted poker websites on the internet. But the website was in Indonesian language, and Richard doesn’t know any other language than English. Richard had a solution to this problem. Richard has a friend who is originally from Indonesia and is now living in Boston. Richard called him up and asked if he could help. The Indonesian guy was more than happy to help Richard. The Indonesian friend of Richard came to Richard’s home and translated the whole thing to Richard. Richard started playing poker in hope to multiply his money to start an eBay business of his own. Richard would do it everyday after coming back from his job, only after a week, Richard had turned his $200 into $21, 000.

Now, Richard is planning to buy cheap clothes from Thailand sell it on eBay.