Will Santiago’s dream of becoming a billionaire and a fine restaurant chain owner ever come true?

Santiago is a great football fan born and raised in the small Catholic town called Jerico in the state of Antioquia in Colombia. Santiago would watch the football match with his father and his father’s brother while they both would sit on the couch and Santiago would sit on the carpet, all eating pop corn and drinking cola together and enjoying.

Like most other families in Jerico, Colombia, Santiago’s family was a low income family and before completing the high school, Santiago started working at a street restaurant owned by his maternal uncle.

As Santiago grew older, he started dreaming bigger. He couldn’t imagine himself working at that street restaurant for the rest of his life. Still, he kept working there and planning about opening his restaurant. He would day dream all day how his own restaurant would look, what color would be the table, what color would be the chairs, whether to go for a neon board or neon signs all inside the restaurant, whether to allow drinking in inside the restaurant, what colors the waiters would wear, stuff like that.

One morning, Santiago while checking the football score on his mobile phone, came across this advertisement for judi bola.

Santiago had only 300, 000 Colombian pesos in his bank account and he withdrew it all to play judi bola. Santiago played judi bola the very next day and transformed his 300, 000 Colombian pesos into a million Colombian pesos. Within a week of doing the same, Santiago transformed his 300, 000 Colombian pesos into 5 million Colombian pesos. Santiago hasn’t told his parents about the same because he knows that they won’t allow him to play such games. But Santiago thinks that he can become a billionaire within a few years if he keeps multiplying his money like that and his dream of opening a fine restaurant chain will come true.