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Meet Emma Balboa, a self-made soccer gambling multi-millionaire

Emma Balboa (name changed) loves to laugh a lot. She has given up on the negative emotions completely namely fear, anger, regret, jealousy, envy, greed, etc.

Emma used to be a punk fan during her college days and she used to dress like a punk rock girl all the time back then. After getting married, Emma never liked her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law never liked Emma.

Emma’s best friend Suzie is neurotic yet sincere. Suzie was accused of being a pathological liar all the time by her ex-husband before they finally divorced. He always used to argue and fight with Suzie and bully her all the time. Suzie’s mom was an infamous female wrestler whom I wouldn’t name here.

Emma and Suzie always have tons of reasons to talk and hang around. Emma and Suzie are planning to take some magic classes together but haven’t been able to yet owing to their extreme busy schedules.

Emma has a habit of always setting a higher goal than the previous one. Suzie is not so ambitious though. Both the friends believe in the quality of life than the number of years that you live.

Emma has a question for Indian yogis and gurus and she really hopes that all her questions and objections will be answered once she is in India and meet one of the enlightened ones. Till then Emma is too busy playing judi bola. She is already a self-made millionaire aspiring to be a billionaire. Let’s wish her all the best for her financial and career goals.

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