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Single rich lady multiplies her money everyday and drives nothing less than Porsches and Ferraris

Elayne Rosenberg (name changed) is a fantastic fun-loving person. Elayne believes that dating scene is a fraud and after going on a date once, she got tired of it and never dated anyone ever again. She is always looking for that special man in her life who is not boring and superficial enough to go on dates. Elayne recently e-mailed her sexy photographs to the best friend of her since school days who has a very handsome and hot colleague whom Elayne is interested in. Elayne has been trying her best to get him. “He is a gentleman worth meeting and maintains very high standards”, Elayne’s best friend told her.

Elayne suffered a lot of emotional extortion during her childhood and teenage. Elayne doesn’t want her children to suffer from any of that.

Elayne loves to eat honey and she eats it unchecked regardless of her fear of getting diabetes from overeating it.

While buying a car, the only thing that Elayne looks for is high speed stability no matter how appealing the car is otherwise and that’s why she only drives Ferraris and Porsches. You may be wondering what she does for the money. She does nothing much, she just multiplies her money with playing fifa55 gambling on ymlp307.

Elayne wants to open a multi-cuisine in Pakistan and she wants it to be the finest and most luxurious restaurant in the country. It is very rare to find a restaurant in Pakistan with different chefs for different cuisines. You will only find those in a couple of 5 star hotels that exist in the Karachi city. The most prominent and popular 5 star hotel in Pakistan is ‘Karachi Marriott Hotel’.

Elayne is a great believer of the quote “You are what you think about most of the time” and that’s what she does. She thinks about money most of the time and she has become a money attracting machine.

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