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FIFA55 freak grandfather keeps reading Thai gambling blogs to practice his command in the Thai language

Alexy Barbato (name changed) claims that it is possible to communicate with the fixed stars aka dog stars but it requires certain training.

Alexy’s grandfather – Scotty is a mechanic who still hasn’t retired from the business although he doesn’t work himself, he has an entire team of mechanics working for him. Scotty is so much in love with the castrol oil that he promotes it on the internet for free although it serves him no purpose at all.

Once Scotty had the opportunity to interview Valentino Rossi who told him that he wanted to become an arms dealer but ended up becoming one of the most popular bike racers ever.

Scotty has made several trips to India and he has a lot to say about the country, he is always amazed to see that how much extra do the Indian consumers pay for the luxury cars and still care so much about the fuel efficiency.

Scotty observed that many Indian tribes including Garasiya, Meena and Bheel believe that tobacco and cigarettes are good for the health.

Scotty also noticed that a detergent company in India has started selling pharmaceutical drugs.

There is a character in India called Swami Om Ji Maharaj. Swami Om Ji Maharaj made a claim that he got challenged by the Indian mythological hero – Bhim once who is a hero of strength in the Hinduism and the strongest character in the Hindu myth called Bhagavad Gita to fight with Swami Om Ji Maharaj. Swami Om Ji Maharaj beat Bhim to the pulp and after that Swami Om got a boon to stay in the heaven for 10 years.

While in India, Scotty spent a lot of time reading and learning new gambling tips and tricks from a popular blog called California Visit which he claims will prove very productive for him in the near future.

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