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After learning Punjabi, this young woman learnt Thai and started betting on FIFA55

Kuna Charron (name changed) is an amateur historian who claims that the Arabs used to live in the Europe long before the ancient White people. Kuna says that the Arabs had to move away from the Europe because the region faced several droughts and famines all the time back then. Kuna says that the myth that the Arabs are a Semitic people is a mere myth, the Arabs have nothing to share with the Jews other than they are both Middle-Easterners.

Kuna is a voluntary celibate because she believes that it makes her calm and creative like nothing else can. Kuna is very critical of the religious celibates though.

Kuna says that she is currently busy inventing a wholesome solution that will help you get rid of any addiction no matter how badly addicted you are.

Kuna’s sister – Maria has been learning the Punjabi language for quite sometime and here is an excerpt from a Punjabi rap song that she recently wrote:-

Aaja Ghuma doon tujhe Brazil Fortaleza,

Dila doon tujhe lambi gaadi,

Jo hai pasand tujhe Bentley ya Ferrari,

Chal ab jyada ban na tu abla naari,

Chahe saree ho ya lehenga,

Mere liye kuch nahin mehenga,

Maserati mere thale,

Gaddi udh udh chale,

Sab kuch mere palle,

Bas ek tu nahiyon mane,

200 kudiyan mere piche par meri akh sirf tere utte,

Mere varga na koi bhanve lab Bangalore ya LA.

2000 dollar shoes, lambi meri mooch,

Chashma pehnu main kaala, mera pind Barnala.

Paisa mujhpe bathera,

 tere area ka MLA yaar hai mera,

lagata woh ghar ka mere geda,

chahe andhera ho ya savera,

20 bouncers dete mere ghar ka pehra,

India ka pehla iPhone import tha mera.


Maria has also been betting hard on FIFA55 since learning about it through a popular gambling blog called Venice Foursquare Church.

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