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Auto Journalist from North Jakarta loves Lada, Volga and Live Casinos

Giselle Leone is an Auto Journalist who has been living in Indonesia for the past 13 years now. Giselle is currently situated in North Jakarta and she is loving it.

Giselle predicts that the lifestyle pickup trucks are going to disappear by the financial year 2030 and something else is going to take their place which will provide even more utility, will not consume as much space and will not consume tons of fuel either. Giselle claims that the upcoming replacement for the lifestyle pickup trucks is not going to cost as much as a lifestyle pickup truck either.

Giselle believes that the simulators for teaching driving are obsolete as hell now and they are needed to be replaced ASAP.

Giselle is madly in love with the 1912 SGV Runabout. She wishes if she could afford one. She claims to have seen one in the real life and her only hope which she believes can buy her one is the Live Casino.

Giselle claims that the cars of the future aren’t going to look as futuristic as we expect those to and she is very sure about it.

Giselle writes that the Jeep cannot rely on the Cherokees, Wranglers and Renegades to survive for long. She writes that they are going to need to change their business model and also bring in some extraordinary vehicle models in order to survive, which she is confident that they will.

Giselle and many of her friends love and miss the communist cars, the ones that Lada and Volga used to produce. Giselle writes on her blog that the daring car maker that brings back communist styled cars is certain to earn lots of sales in the future.

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