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Medan’s Ice Cream Parlour owner does nothing but plays football online gambling all winters

Gabriella Acland owns a very popular ice cream parlour in the city of Phuket in Thailand. Gabriella’s ice cream parlour takes great care of the customers that are waiting for their ice creams by offering a pad of naughts and crosses with a couple of pens absolutely free so that they do not feel bored at all.

Gabriella’s ice cream parlour’s Italian Ice and Casatta are most popular as they are located in an Italian dominated neighborhood.

Gabriella remodels her ice cream parlour each year and she brags that each time it looks better than the previous one.

Gabriella says it is funny that they now eat more sandwiches, chips, burgers and pizzas at the ice cream parlours than the ice cream itself and that’s the reason why Gabriella is not taking her decision of keeping these things back as suggested by many of her friends.

Gabriella hates the ice cream parlour owners that brag about their personal charities on the company website. She says that if your business is involved in charity then it is okay, otherwise don’t brag on the premises of the company when it is personal charity that you made.

Gabriella loves to make fun of a novelist who thought that she could make use of her popularity as a novelist to make her ice cream parlour a great success without much of hard work, today she is bankrupt because of that one belief of her.

Gabriella spends all of her winters betting on bola online as her ice cream parlour is closed in the winters but this time she is planning to get busy with turning her ice cream parlour into an Italian restaurant in the winter season.

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