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Saint Olga’s greatest Korean fan has a weakness for black ink

Kim Bernard is an author from Changwon, South Korea who recently completed her third book on the history of Russia. The book is mostly about the Saint Olga of Russia. I have already read the book and here is some of what Kim has mentioned in her book.

Kim writes that some Russians belonging to the Varangian tribes still consider 882 and 912 as their lucky numbers but most of them do not know the reason behind it. Kim claims that it is because the first Varangian supreme ruler to rule all of Rus’ – Oleg of Novgorod ruled Rus’ between these years.

Kim claims in her book that Saint Olga is one of the most underrated women of all times. Kim claims that Saint Olga was as tough as a woman can be and as shrewd and smart as well too and not to mention how pure and pious she was.

Kim writes that there is no doubt about the fact that Saint Olga remained chaste all her life after Igor died, but she was a human being too and at times, she found it extremely hard to maintain her chastity. Kim claims that the notion that Saint Olga had flings with her regents is a false one and baseless. Kim mentions in her book that Saint Olga told her near and dear ones that she would have found it easier to stay chaste after the death of her husband Igor if she converted to the Christianity any earlier.

Kim also mentions that some people think that Drevlians of Russia and Dravidians of India re one and the same people but there seems to be no similarity between the two tribes other than they both are homo sapiens sapiens.

Like Saint Olga, Kim herself is also a human being and her biggest weakness is black ink which in her language is 먹튀검증.

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