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Renowned American-Indonesian Psychiatrist’s wife forgets the world when she is logged-in that website judi bola

Dr Terrence Thompson is a psychiatrist who has been practicing in the city of Palembung in Indonesia for the past 24 years now.

Dr Terrence writes on his blog that Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is going to become very common soon again since the people have become certain of its safety again. Dr Terrence writes that ECT has only a few short-term side-effects like nausea, vomiting and migraine, which is nothing when compared to its efficacy.

Dr Terrence claims that people with great focus and concentration skills seldom suffer with psychological disorders and he jokes that his Indonesian wife is the most perfect example, who gets so lost while betting on her most favorite website judi bola that it is unbelievable.

Dr Terrence also jokes that buying your wife tons of jewelry and expensive bags can definitely cure her depression.

Dr Terrence claims that those who fall for the Eastern philosophy have more cases of suicide and psychological disorders. Dr Terrence’s uncle who also happened to be a psychiatrist in Oregon, USA, attended several sannyasins from the Rajneeshpuram. Dr Terrence is an atheist himself but he claims that the Catholics and the Sunni Muslims have the lowest rate of psychological disorders, especially depression.

Dr Terrence writes on his blog that the role of obesity and diabetes in causing the psychological disorders is clearly exaggerated.

Dr Terrence writes that ADHD is a very complex disorder and it is a pity that it is misunderstood by even some of the most advanced experts.

Dr Terrence writes on his blog that it is a pity that so many POIS patients everyday are wrongly diagnosed for chronic depression and sometimes the physician doesn’t even feel guilty about it. Dr Terrence adds that what is even more pitiful is that fact that the depressed people die earlier than their non-depressed counterparts and naturally so and physicians don’t even have an answer yet as to why it happens.

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