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Podiatrist from Bandung is not afraid of the threats from the fanatics but rather happy for his Poker wins

Dr Ariyadi Basuki is a Podiatrist from Bandung, Indonesia, who received a lot of hatred and even some compliments when he without any hesitation, mentioned on his blog about his belief regarding circumcision. He wrote that he believes that circumcision has a peculiar negative effect on the foot health, especially when done on an infant. He added that circumcision doesn’t seem to have much of an impact when done on a 10+ year old boy.

Dr Arivadi presented all the statistics within his post while making the claim, but the haters didn’t consider it as sufficient and many went on to criticize him going to the extent of calling him a CIA agent, who is trying to destroy their religion, belief and carving a grave for himself in the Islamic hell.

Dr Arivadi didn’t seem to be much affected by any of such curses and didn’t care to say sorry or delete the post. He has been going to his clinic like he did before, maybe a bit scared though. But as much as Dr Arivadi is scared, he is happy as well, because of the great deal of money that he has been winning lately with the online poker and that’s the reason why he always has at least Poker Deposit 5000 always kept at his most favorite poker website.

Dr Arivadi has mentioned this more than a couple of times on his blog that where many people find extremely talkative elderly patients to be annoying, he finds them adorable and that’s the foremost reason why most of the elderly people that he has been familiar with for long prefer to see him over other more experienced practitioners.

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