Dentist from Hot Springs has unidentified rivals across the world that spend most of their time envying her ‘Big Wins’

Dr Leah Prichard is a Dentist from Hot Springs, Arkansas, who is very tech-savvy as well.

As tech-savvy as Dr Leah Prichard is, she is also an online slots fan. But it is really a pity that some jealous person who once learnt about Dr Leah’s big wins, had her website hacked, which she successfully recovered after, but the trauma still remains. The hacker still remains anonymous and there is no hope that they will ever be identified.

Dr Leah Prichard is very passionate about her practice and one can tell this by reading her blog, which she regularly keeps updating with informative and interesting posts.

Dr Leah dismisses the claims that non-vegetarian people are a lot more likely to suffer with a bad breath than their vegetarian counterparts. She adds that your diet must be overall healthy, it doesn’t matter for your dental health, whether you eat meat, vegetables or drink fruit juice all day.

Dr Leah Prichard claims that the weather doesn’t make any strong impact on the dental health in any way as is believed by several different tribes, many dental practitioners and many cultures.

Dr Leah claims that the Kashmiri Pandits of India are some of the people most likely to suffer with discoloration of the gum tissue after the age of 35 and it applies to people belonging to both the genders, including their LGBT community.

Dr Leah Prichard has clarified it 5 times on her blog that the starving people are not as much likely to get dental diseases as is perceived by many; Mainly in the countries where the hunger rate is very high. Each of the times, Dr Leah got equally bashed and complimented for making such a claim.