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Tehrani SEO and Web Design Expert loves his country Iran and its Football Betting Websites

Morteza Hashemi from Tehran, Iran is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who claims that there was a time when the search engines couldn’t read the images and that used to be the time when you could consider text navigation superior to the image navigation but now when the search engines can read what’s in an image so perfectly, they both ought to be considered equally good and important.

Morteza writes that using based navigation on your website rather than text based navigation has its own advantages in the world of SEO and it is a pity that those advantages are usually underrated by the so-called SEO masters and some don’t even consider those advantages as disadvantages.

Morteza advises his readers to only buy most popular books written by most popular authors when it comes to the SEO. He writes that many books in the field of SEO are written merely for the purpose of uplifting the brands owned by their authors and/or their sponsors. He adds that their main and only focus is to promote those brands instead of helping you learn about SEO, Internet Marketing or Web Design. He adds that most of the times, such books result in destroying the knowledge you already have regarding the subject instead of expanding it.

Morteza lived and worked in Dubai for 11 years and says that it is a pity that they consider SEO as a laboring job in a city like Dubai. He also found that they didn’t respect gamblers as much in Dubai as they do in Iran, that’s the prime reason why Morteza loves his country Iran as much he is love the best Iranian football gambling site (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال).

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