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Nephrologist from Portland, Oregon studies Online Casinos apart from the Kidneys

Dr Gary Tyme is a Nephrologist from Portland, Oregon, who writes on his blog that people in the big cities exposed to all sorts of radiations, surprisingly, aren’t as prone to get the Chronic Kidney Diseases as their small town and village counterparts. He also claims that the small town, village and big city people are equally likely to bet on casino online.

Dr Gary also writes that the bodybuilders that used some sort of potentially harmful supplement(s), HGH or steroids are more prone to having Chronic Kidney Diseases in their later lives compared to the non-bodybuilders while the bodybuilders who never took a protein supplement ever are least prone to having Chronic Kidney Diseases anytime in their lives.

Dr Gary believes that salt is overly criticised by the Nephrologists. He believes that over intake of salt is bad but not that bad.

Dr Gary claims that excessive sodium excretion is responsible for over 50% of the known Chronic Kidney Diseases.

Dr Gary believes that the diseases related to cognitive function can be identified by checking the condition of salivary glands of a man or a woman. He hopes that some study will take place 2025 that will prove the same.

Dr Gary writes on his blog that obesity is definitely linked with diabetes but for the past couple of decades they have been over-exaggerating the link between obesity and diabetes.

Dr Gary writes that bacterial infections of any sorts cause more damage to the patients of fatty liver for reasons unknown.

Dr Gary also writes that contrary to the popular belief, statistics prove that vegetarians are more prone to a cardiac arrest than the non-vegetarians and the vegans are least prone to the same.

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