Baccarat Enthusiast Vet Believes there are more similarities between Geochemistry and Baccarat than one can think

Dr Patricia Warner is a Veterinarian from Pattaya City, Thailand, who writes on her blog that the notion that Osteosarcoma is common only in large and giant breed of dogs has been proven to be a false one. She writes that nowadays, it is as common among the small breeds as it is among the large and giant ones.

Dr Patricia Warner has been spending 30 minutes a day for the past decades studying Geochemistry. She even wrote a book mentioning her beliefs and predictions related to the field of Geochemistry. The book didn’t make Dr Patricia Warner any money, but she says that making money with it wasn’t her aim at all. She just wanted to educate as many people as possible and discuss her beliefs and predictions with the readers and their friends.

The book by Dr Patricia Warner is too cheap to buy. She claims that soon enough, she will make it available for free on the internet (PDF Version). She has even mentioned in the book that she worked at a Goa Massage Parlour during hard times.

One of Dr Patricia Warner’s hobbies is to play baccarat. She manages to make enough time for this hobby of hers everyday out of her busy schedule.

Dr Patricia Warner writes on her blog that the worst ever sight to her eyes was when a teacup puppy who came to her with his owner had one ear and an eye lost to blasted powerbank. She writes that she is not able to forget that sight when that cute teacup puppy came in that miserable condition to her, although she tries so hard.

Dr Patricia Warner has been studying the big-bang and other similar theories lately, she writes that after studying those thoroughly, she has come to the conclusion that all those theories are just as phony as the study of Geomorphology.

Virginian writer and political adviser’s husband chose a car collection over a nice penthouse

Samantha Dsouza is a writer and a political advisor who was the one who advised the Indian minister – Kiran Choudhry to ask the Newspaper journalists to rename her as Shoma Choudhry (her sister’s name) when one of her sex videos with an old man got viral. Samantha got this idea as once when she looked for Kiran Choudhry’s sister’s pictures on the Google and other search engines, she couldn’t find one, she looked for it everywhere including on the social media but there were none. The plan really worked very well and the poor Haryanvis believed that it was their minister’s sister who was fucking around.

Samantha and her husband, both are online gambling freaks and for the good reasons as they mostly come out as winners, they have won several bets online with the help of gclub, thanks to her fluency in Thai language.

Once the couple was about to hit a jackpot of a million USD while betting online. They had 2 million USD in the bank last year that they both won with online gambling, Samantha wanted to buy a penthouse in a nice neighborhood of Virginia with that money but her husband wanted to buy a collection of cars instead and he did. They both still live in a rented apartment.

Samantha is an all American girl but she chose to complete her studies in England, having been herself from Oxford University, Samantha claims that Oxford University has some of the nerdiest, ugly and bookworm girls, she said that if you want to know what I am saying then look for “Jackie’s Lecture at Oxford University” on Youtube and experience it. She says that if you are taking an admission for sassy, sexy and seductive girls, take an admission somewhere else.

Samantha and her husband never do French kissing as they both believe that it is very bad for health in the long run.