From selling flags on the signals to becoming a major player in the global uranium fuel industry – Asnat is one of a kind

Asnat Albert used to sell flags on the signals during her childhood but today she is one of the major player in the global uranium fuel industry. She attributes all her success to winning unbelievable amounts of money with

Asnat claims that there will be ‘sperm bomb’ in the future and the human beings, especially scientists and doctors haven’t yet comprehended the power of a sperm yet. She says that it is a power so supreme that is capable of giving birth to a new human being alone. Asnat says that any animal’s sperm could be taken to create a sperm bomb, not just men’s. She says that the scientists will do the task by 2050.

Asnat claims that the popularization of the Lebanese-American pornstar – Mia Khalifa is a trick of the illuminati to make the porn popular in the Arab world. She says that they are using Mia Khalifa as a pawn and she will soon be replaced by another Muslim-Arab pornstar.

Asnat also claims that Jihadists are nothing more than Roblox Warriors who are not capable of attacking any twin tower. Asnat says that the real culprits are the state of Israel and the state of United States.

Asnat claims that one of the popular Youtubers – PewDiePie is an Illuminati agent and the secret behind her success is also Illuminati. On her personal blogs, Asnat has huge banners everywhere asking people to unsubscribe PewDiePie if they want to save the world.

Asnat claims that the Jazz music has its origin in the slang ‘Jizz’.

Asnat has a rich uncle who is an online gambling freak and owns a huge cranberry juice company. This uncle of Asnat reads gambling related blogs all the time when he is not eating, sleeping, betting or managing his juice company.

PKV Games made 28 year old fitness instructor set for life

Annisa is a 28 year old fitness instructor in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. Annisa was born to devout Baptist parents in the year of 1990. Annisa was told from the very beginning that gambling is a sin.

Annisa always experienced constant change in her 28 years of life. Whenever she had the urge to gamble, she would think that it is the devil whispering in her ears. Annisa while once having a back pain couldn’t go to work and ended up laying down all day all night long with nothing but her laptop and mobile phones on.

Annisa then couldn’t resist the desire to play PKV Games Terbaik. Annisa only started with 150 US Dollars and within a few hours she transformed those 150 US Dollars into 475 US Dollars.

Since then Annisa has only been giving fitness instruction classes for a couple of hours a day and rest of the day she spends eating, sleeping or multiplying her money with PKV Games.

Annisa was recently prescribed cabbage juice to eliminate toxins and bacteria from her body. Annisa has no specialized knowledge in any other field than fitness. She had no idea that she was being taken for a long ride. The homeopathy doctor told her that all the organs in her body need to be in proper integration in order to be healthy and that homeopathy medication was going to do the same. Annisa didn’t know that most homeopathy doctors are con artists.

Annisa wants to see the seven wonders in reality before she dies. If you ask me personally, I would say that seeing seven wonders is a chachki desire compared with the money that she is going to make with playing PKV Games overtime.