This is the worst advice that you can give to someone with chronic stomach cramps and diarrhea

Asta Chattwal (name changed) suffers from chronic stomach cramps and diarrhea since time immemorial. One crazy friend of Asta named Jennifer suggested her that it is happening due to low libido. First, she asked Asta questions like “Since when have you been experiencing these chronic stomach cramps and diarrhea?” Asta replied “Early teens”. Jennifer said “I know it. It is because you have a low libido. You don’t have low estrogen levels or anything. You are medically perfect but you have a low libido and that’s why you aren’t interested in guys at all. Try watching porn and don’t rub yourself and everything will be roses.” Asta did the same and it turned out that her condition remained the same. Jennifer told her that she is medically okay like she is a miracle radiologist who can tell the estrogen levels and other hormonal levels just by looking at a person’s face.

When Asta told Jennifer that your trick didn’t work at all after trying for 3 complete weeks, Jennifer suggested her to try HUEL (a nutritional powered food). Asta told Jennifer to get lost and Asta also asked Jennifer what made her determine her estrogen levels and other related hormonal levels, Jennifer replied “Your breast and butt size. They both are enormous and you have no idea how many guys stare at those like wild eagles.” This made Asta even more furious and she kicked Jennifer out of her house.

Asta loves to play video games, read blogs and gamble online. Asta’s all-time favorite video game is “The Sims 4”, her favorite blog is jump in hostel and her favorite gambling websites are all FIFA55 related.

Fiddy Cent’s greatest fan and an amateur conspiracy theorist Donna Khatri has her own gambling story

Donna Khatri (name changed) is an Indian-British lady born to Indian father and English mother. She is one of the biggest fans of 50 cent that keeps writing to him asking “When will my old Fiddy be back and kick the ass of Ricky Rozzay?”

Donna owns a couple of forums dedicated to 50 cent and all of those are quite successful financially and popular without exception.

Donna’s most favorite book is ‘War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne. Donna used to love Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ until she came across ‘Management Challenges for the 21st Century’ by Peter F Drucker.

Donna cannot understand why the whole world is after Pakistan and making it go through a financial boycott and political isolation.

According to Donna, Imran Khan – the prime minister of Pakistan is an Illuminati agent who has been recruited by the Jewish-Christian alliance to destroy the one and only Islamic nuclear power. Donna agrees with Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman when he said that Imran Khan is still very much in touch with his first wife – Jemima Goldsmith and their divorce was just a scripted drama to make the world think that Imran Khan has nothing to do with the Illuminati.

According to Donna, Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s marriage was never consummated. The marriage between Imran and Reham was just another drama to make the world believe that Imran has nothing to do with Jemima anymore. Donna says that Reham and Jemima know each other for a long time and Reham was sent by Jemima to marry Imran and make it look all-natural.

Whatever the case maybe, Donna doesn’t care about these conspiracy theories as much as she does about her online gambling rituals. Donna gambles every Monday evening from sharp 8PM to 11PM. She claims that it is her lucky time and she read a post about another gambler on gbfarmequipment who was also Leo and his lucky time was also the same.

Ambitious and intelligent Polish lady living in Barcelona, Spain wants to make it big

Dobah Berger (name changed) seldom checks her Facebook and whenever she does, she gets bombarded with personal messages by relatives, friends and guys having a crush on her. Each time she logs in her Facebook, she gets bombarded with so many personal messages and many of those weirdos are online, she has to make the same excuse each time that the battery of her phone is low. She tells them that she will be back after she charges her phone which she never does because in the first place her phone’s battery is not low 99% of the times she tells them so.

Dobah works way too hard to become one of the top 1%. Dobah was born in Warsaw, Poland but her family moved to Barcelona, Spain when Dobah was only 5 for a better livelihood. Dobah was raised up to grow ambitious.

Dobah is not religious but she has been practicing chastity until she get married. She hates meaningless sex and that’s the reason why she is doing so. She also believes that sex interferes with her productivity, creativity and energy levels. She feels weak-willed the next day.

Even when someone talks about meaningless casual sex in front of Dobah she gets annoyed. She doesn’t like gossip about porn, sex or sexual movies. She thinks of sex as just another addiction.

Dobah needs some investment for the business plan that she has in her mind and she has been trying her best to get that. She is not trying to get a loan or borrow money from a relative or friend, but instead she has been betting online on top gambling websites like the FIFA55 in a hope that she will win a huge bet one day. She already wins more than she loses and to stay updated with the online gambling world, she stays very active on gambling blogs like ganbanyokuma.

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award winner loves FIFA55

Baros Duggal (name changed) is an Indian athlete whose relatives and friends have been accusing him of being lucky since he won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. Baros says “Yes, I am lucky, the harder I train the luckier I get”.

Baros loves to study history and he has been trying to find the real origin of the Aryan (North Indian) people. The closest western nationality that he has found to the Punjabi people is the Spanish. He is also trying to find the origins of the Jaat and Gujjar tribes. Baros claims that both Jaat and Gujjar tribes are pastoral tribes which came from the current day Turkey and neighboring countries to India about 2000 years ago.

Baros always thinks about his poor parents whenever he competes. He doesn’t let any negative thing hold him back from his goals. He wants to be the most popular and successful athlete in the history of India which I personally believe he won’t be able to achieve throughout his lifetime. India has got big names like Milkha Singh, PT Usha and Dhyan Chand.

Baros likes to help the underprivileged and unfortunate. He has donated a lot of the money he won betting on different online gambling websites especially FIFA55 and the prize money he won for his athletic performance to many causes for the underprivileged and unfortunate. He discovered online gambling through fix it center and is still very thankful to the blog owner.

Baros is very selective when it comes to making friends, he grew up in a very low income area in the state of Haryana. He went to one of the worst schools in the state of Haryana which in itself is one of the poorest when it comes to education. He had no friends in school because he didn’t like any of those, he didn’t have any friends in the neighborhood, all he did was run alone in the park till he got extremely tired even when he was a kid.

Professional gut feeling listener won 320, 000 USD with FIFA55

Barack Borg (name changed) always listens to his gut and his current gut feeling about Tej Pratap Yadav and Aishwarya Rai’s divorce is crystal clear in his own opinion. Barack claims that Tej Pratap Yadav being an extremely religious dude didn’t have an idea that women’s sexual desires do not end after the honeymoon. Barack Borg says that Tej Pratap Yadav was not raised up with this idea and his brother Tejaswi Yadav already knew that his marriage will end up in a divorce.

Tej Pratap Yadav is fit sexually in Barack’s opinion but he is not willing to have anymore refraction aka la petite mort (short death) periods anymore.

Barack’s confidence in his own gut feeling has always been on a rise without any breaks. It saw the greatest rise when Barack won 320, 000 USD with betting on different FIFA55 websites. Barack randomly typed domaine des ormes on Google and came across this blog where they had tens of articles on FIFA55 online gambling. Barack’s gut feeling told him that it is happening because the god wants him to bet on FIFA55 websites and start winning which he did. He kept winning constantly bet after bet.

Barack has a wonderful typing speed. He can type 180 words per minute. He used to participate in a lot of typing competitions but doesn’t bother with those anymore. He won many of those as well. He considers the price that they pay to the winners to be low. I personally don’t and I think winning a couple of thousand bucks is really great for typing fastest. What else do you expect? Do you want them to gift you the great wall of China?

Inbreeding makes you physically weaker but Masheh couldn’t care less

Masheh Chevrolet (name changed) is a motivation freak and she does nothing but listen to the motivational tapes or songs while working. Masheh enjoys the privilege of working from home and she loves it.

Masheh claims that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan of Haryana, India would have been 8 times physically stronger if he hadn’t been a sex addict.

Masheh observed one thing during her trip to the Indian subcontinent and that one thing is that inbreeding makes you physically much weaker. Masheh met several different people from different tribes of India. She met several Gujjars, Jats and Rajputs in India and observed that people from these tribes are physically very strong and exceptionally brave but the Gujjars, Jats and Rajputs in Pakistan are not that strong or brave and the ones in Pakistan are mostly non-vegetarians while the Indian Gujjars, Jats and Rajputs are vegetarians. It goes without saying that non-vegetarians are supposed to be physically stronger than the vegetarians on average. The popular Indian-Sikh-Rajput wrestler currently a citizen of America and an infamous and prominent WWE wrestler Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali made a claim on several of his earlier interviews to the newspaper reporters that he is a vegetarian but later on he was found eating non-vegetarian food.

The only thing that comes to Masheh’s and my mind is that these guys must be victims of inbreeding which is most prevalent in Pakistan. More than 50% marriages that take in Pakistan are cousin marriages. The case is almost the same with Bangladeshi people. Bangladeshi people are about 40% inbred and that’s the reason why Bangladeshi are much weaker and shorter than the people of West Bengal, India although they both are of the same ethnicity and race. Both West Bengali and Bangladeshi people are non-vegetarians and the most prevalent dishes their are sea food related.

Since Masheh came back from India, she has been busy playing FIFA55 which she learnt about through domain edesormes.

Creating a toy business with FIFA55 money

Anfisa Diaz (name changed) believes that you become what you think most of the time. When I asked Anfisa to tell me the abbreviation of Federation International de Football Association, she didn’t know the answer but she is the same person that won 1.2 million betting on a FIFA55 gambling website which she got to learn about through a blog called do jo. I think it is all about the law of attraction again. Anfisa keeps thinking about all the time, especially in the past 5 months all she thought was money, she wants to start a new toy business and she needs money for that.

It is my personal belief that if you dream high enough and your intention is not to become a ‘wealth grabber’ but a ‘wealth creator’, you get so polished in the way of achieving your dreams that you ultimately become free of the seven deadly sins. I know several not-for-profit organization owners who have become free of the seven deadly sins.

Anfisa is a post graduate in pharmacy but because pharmacy or pharmaceuticals do not excite her anymore, she wants to get into the toy business.

Anfisa is very active on several self-improvement and related forums. She is active on several mommy and parenting forums as well since she gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl. Anfisa never posts with her real name on forums. Anfisa wanted me to make a post about this story of hers on this blog of mine which I just did and she also put a condition in front of me to not use her real name and I did exactly as she told me to.

Ex-escort in Topeka, KS is an online betting hobbyist

Chaya Bellerose (name changed) is a 24 year old Indian-American lady with a sexy petite size 8. She looks sweet and innocent but she loves being naughty in the room with her fiance.

Chaya speaks fluent Italian, German and English. She is extremely open-minded about almost every aspect of her life. She even told me about how she used to work for an escort agency in Topeka, Kansas. She told me that in the past, people in USA were a bit reluctant to hire escort services. This was due to the wrong attitude that was held towards these girls and their services. A lot of people saw these girls as immoral. However, over time people have come to appreciate the work that these models do and are now looking for the best agency to hire escort services. This has now in turn led to a tremendous increase in the number of escorts and escort agencies in USA. Therefore it is quite easy for the clients to find the kind of escort you need. If one is looking for a high end escort, rest assured to find them in abundance in the United States of America.

Most agencies also offer additional services on request, you just need to discuss this with the escort lady of your choice sent to you in the discretion of your private suite.

Clients are ensured, a relaxed yet professional approach, from initial contact right through to the reliability of the service oriented female companionship.

So, this lady Chaya has a hobby of betting online and her favorite game is FIFA55 which she came to know about through a blog that goes by the name daily 10 online.

A vision of hope can take you a long way

Zelig Kahana (name changed) is a young man who since started listening to the motivational speakers like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and others has been looking at his problems from a different vantage point. After working as an employee at several different places in a very short period of time, Zelig has again started thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and he now does research on his entrepreneurial ideas after going back home from work everyday. He doesn’t have any spare money that he can afford to waste on an idea that is not going to work, therefore he is making sure that he invests his precious time and money that he is going to borrow as a loan from a friend or family doesn’t get wasted.

Zelig may not be a rich man but he is a gentleman full of class and sophistication and no matter what event, situation or scenario he is in, he handles it with an absolute grace.

Zelig was always a believer in the law of attraction but his faith in the law deepened recently when recently his best friend who really needed money to pay the hospital’s bills for his mother’s operation won 98000 USD gambling first time in his life on alovietpinless. It was like all the gods were on his side.

Zelig’s father always taught him that ‘security is everything’ and Zelig went according to that for a long time of his life.

Zelig has goals that are beyond his comfort zone and these goals have been helping him think creatively and positively since he has got really serious about achieving them.

Dumpster rental service owner from Denver, CO made 50000 USD with betting on Fifa 55 gambling

Aryeh Shapiro (name changed) runs a dumpster rental service in the city of Denver, Colorado. In the past, Aryeh used to make a lot of what the motivational speaker Brian Tracy likes to call cigarette smoke goals. He would make goals and then immediately feel like it would be either useless or impossible to achieve those goals. Aryeh was indeed working on only a fraction of his potential.

In the Chinese language, they use the same word for ‘crisis’ and ‘opportunities’, since Aryeh learnt about this, his vision has changed. He now does his best to find an opportunity in the crisis. In fact, he doesn’t call crisis crisis anymore, he calls it opportunity.

In the Chinese language, they also use the same word for ‘thinking’ and ‘wanting’, Aryeh is aware of this fact also now and he now only thinks about things that he wants the most. He doesn’t waste his precious time and energy on anything that is not significant for his financial, spiritual or physical growth.

One of Aryeh’s uncle runs a popular re-insuring company in the San Francisco city of California. He is the greatest inspiration of Aryeh in his family.

Whenever Aryeh sits down to do something important, something bad usually happens which deflects Aryeh from that important thing. In the past, Aryeh used to take the deflection only to regret it later on, but he doesn’t take the deflections anymore, whenever something is trying to deflect him when he is just to touch the state of nirvana while working on something new, he comprehends that what he is working on is really something important.

Recently, when Aryeh started betting on air force website, his mind started reminding him of catholic videos calling gambling ‘evil’ and ‘destructive’. These things only made Aryeh certain that he is going to win some bets tonight which he did. He won 50, 000 USD that night betting.

Maltese-Indian woman obsessed with Fifa 55 gambling on 2khtarekhorshid

Susana Nagrath (name changed) is a petite, fun and playful Maltese-Indian woman who wants to be tamed, controlled and completely immobilized. Her mind and body yearns for control by her husband. She is quite a bit of a naughty girl. Susana loves to tease and seduce her man and her man only. Her sexy plays always blow him away. She loves to pamper him with the ultimate in sensuality, charm and charisma.

When Susana isn’t playing with her husband, she is pursuing her other passion – gambling. She is currently obsessed with Fifa 55 gambling on 2khtarekhorshid.

Susana loves dinner dates and longer engagements with her husband. Susana’s husband Akhil is very passionate about his beliefs and values, yet able to step out of bounds from the familiar into the unfamiliar perspectives of life.

Susana loves beaches and fine dining almost as much as she loves her husband. She also has a few tats on her beautiful body.

Susana believes that her husband’s fantasy fulfillment shouldn’t be rushed which is why she encourages her husband to spend some more time in and with her, she also offers her some occasional incentives which I prefer not to mention here.

Susana is a great fan of Charles Bukowski’s poems and she loves to listen to them whenever she is feeling low. Her most favorite Bukowski’s poem is “Go all the way”.

Susana believes in always being on the rope of success and climbing it. Susana owns a discord server that is full of ‘Yes Men’ who just can’t dare conflict Susana’s opinion on anything, they can’t imagine being banned from her server. She straight away banhammers anyone who differs from her opinion.

My school friend bought a new Ferrari with that Bandarq money

Alf Tokuda (name changed) is a half-Japanese half-German lady who has been living in Indonesia for the past 5 years. Alf is really a sympathetic and sweet person with good values. She is young, attractive, elegant with a zest for all the good things.

Alf is very private and discrete about her sex life and more than that she is private about her financial life. She never tells anybody her real source of income except a select few. Last time I met her in a shopping mall’s parking lot, she came in a black Ferrari driven by herself. She discusses all the matters politely with me but she never told me how she makes so much money.

Alf is one of the hottest swimsuit models in the country but I know that’s not where her income is coming from. The reason why I wanted to know the source of Alf’s income was not because I wanted to blackmail her for envelopes full of greens. I am a very passionate and self-respecting guy and I wouldn’t ask anybody for money. I just wanted to know the same because I wanted to own those Lamborghinis and Ferraris myself and guess what? I have discovered the source of her income and it is called situs bandarq aka Bandarq website. Alf is a great believer in god and whenever she prays and bets she wins. I have been doing the same and it has been working for me too.

Since I have started making money Alf style, my wife never denies giving me the pleasure that I demand from her every night. She now always lets her husband’s wild dreams come true and in exchange I buy her those Gucci, Fendi and Pradas.

Single rich lady multiplies her money everyday and drives nothing less than Porsches and Ferraris

Elayne Rosenberg (name changed) is a fantastic fun-loving person. Elayne believes that dating scene is a fraud and after going on a date once, she got tired of it and never dated anyone ever again. She is always looking for that special man in her life who is not boring and superficial enough to go on dates. Elayne recently e-mailed her sexy photographs to the best friend of her since school days who has a very handsome and hot colleague whom Elayne is interested in. Elayne has been trying her best to get him. “He is a gentleman worth meeting and maintains very high standards”, Elayne’s best friend told her.

Elayne suffered a lot of emotional extortion during her childhood and teenage. Elayne doesn’t want her children to suffer from any of that.

Elayne loves to eat honey and she eats it unchecked regardless of her fear of getting diabetes from overeating it.

While buying a car, the only thing that Elayne looks for is high speed stability no matter how appealing the car is otherwise and that’s why she only drives Ferraris and Porsches. You may be wondering what she does for the money. She does nothing much, she just multiplies her money with playing fifa55 gambling on ymlp307.

Elayne wants to open a multi-cuisine in Pakistan and she wants it to be the finest and most luxurious restaurant in the country. It is very rare to find a restaurant in Pakistan with different chefs for different cuisines. You will only find those in a couple of 5 star hotels that exist in the Karachi city. The most prominent and popular 5 star hotel in Pakistan is ‘Karachi Marriott Hotel’.

Elayne is a great believer of the quote “You are what you think about most of the time” and that’s what she does. She thinks about money most of the time and she has become a money attracting machine.

Meet Emma Balboa, a self-made soccer gambling multi-millionaire

Emma Balboa (name changed) loves to laugh a lot. She has given up on the negative emotions completely namely fear, anger, regret, jealousy, envy, greed, etc.

Emma used to be a punk fan during her college days and she used to dress like a punk rock girl all the time back then. After getting married, Emma never liked her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law never liked Emma.

Emma’s best friend Suzie is neurotic yet sincere. Suzie was accused of being a pathological liar all the time by her ex-husband before they finally divorced. He always used to argue and fight with Suzie and bully her all the time. Suzie’s mom was an infamous female wrestler whom I wouldn’t name here.

Emma and Suzie always have tons of reasons to talk and hang around. Emma and Suzie are planning to take some magic classes together but haven’t been able to yet owing to their extreme busy schedules.

Emma has a habit of always setting a higher goal than the previous one. Suzie is not so ambitious though. Both the friends believe in the quality of life than the number of years that you live.

Emma has a question for Indian yogis and gurus and she really hopes that all her questions and objections will be answered once she is in India and meet one of the enlightened ones. Till then Emma is too busy playing judi bola. She is already a self-made millionaire aspiring to be a billionaire. Let’s wish her all the best for her financial and career goals.

This Australian Importer Exporter now owns 3 Luxurious Houses due to Togel

Alex Lee (name changed) is an Australian claims to become the Australia’s richest person soon enough. Alex is a wholesaler, footwear chain store owner, importer and exporter who mostly buys wooden products and footwear from Indonesia in bulk and sells it in his own stores and to other wholesalers in Australia.

Alex currently owns 3 houses in Australia. One bungalow, one mansion and a penthouse. Alex used to own only one bungalow until about 2 years ago which he inherited from his father after his death.

What changed in the last 2 years that turned Alex so rich? Can you guess it? The answer is online Togel agent or as they call it in Indonesian language Agen Togen Online

Alex was making no profits due to very low investment until 2 years ago when he didn’t start playing the game of Togel. He was terrified thinking about he will have to sell the bungalow that he inherited from his father in order to survive.

Alex loves German cars and his most favorite car makers are BMW and Porsche.

Alex grew up in a christian environment and he used to sing renditions on every Christmas event when he was a teen.

Alex loves to learn new things and currently he is taking lessons in Spanish and Portuguese language. He learnt Indonesian language before starting his import and export business.

One of the most overlooked benefits of becoming rich Alex claims is the increase in charm. Alex claims that he has become extremely charming since he started earning millions a year.

He thanks God each time he thinks back that he didn’t start his business in collaboration with his friend.

Riau Island’s lady with wonderful intuition making thousands a day with the help of her intuition

Nyoman Sieto (name changed) is an Indonesian lady from the city of Batam in the province of Riau islands in Indonesia who believes that the Christian church is in the state of crisis.

Nyoman Sieto’s father used to be a popular local comedian in the province of Riau Islands. The local used to call him ‘sedikit jenius komik’ (little comic genius) because he was only 5’1′. The whole family of Nyoman has made some sort of impeccable contribution to the country of Indonesia and the Riau Islands in particular.

Nyoman possesses a peculiar intuitive genius which very few can even believe. She always knows when and where something good is going to happen and where is something bad gonna happen. She also can tell whether something is going to be good/profitable for her in the long run with just closing her eyes for a moment. For example, she discovered a website by accident that had everything to do with nothing but winnipoker and while Nyoman never played any sort of gambling before and had nothing to do with gambling till then but her intuition told her to participate in the game.

Nyoman’s intuition was right like always. Nyoman started playing with US Dollar 150 and within a few hours, her 150 USD transformed into 734 USD. Since then, Nyoman has been working full-time playing winnipoker and rest of the time she spends taking care of the 5 kids that she adopted after finding this fast and easy way to make thousands of dollars a day. She also plays video games a lot and she has now found 5 mates to play video games with her.

Will Santiago’s dream of becoming a billionaire and a fine restaurant chain owner ever come true?

Santiago is a great football fan born and raised in the small Catholic town called Jerico in the state of Antioquia in Colombia. Santiago would watch the football match with his father and his father’s brother while they both would sit on the couch and Santiago would sit on the carpet, all eating pop corn and drinking cola together and enjoying.

Like most other families in Jerico, Colombia, Santiago’s family was a low income family and before completing the high school, Santiago started working at a street restaurant owned by his maternal uncle.

As Santiago grew older, he started dreaming bigger. He couldn’t imagine himself working at that street restaurant for the rest of his life. Still, he kept working there and planning about opening his restaurant. He would day dream all day how his own restaurant would look, what color would be the table, what color would be the chairs, whether to go for a neon board or neon signs all inside the restaurant, whether to allow drinking in inside the restaurant, what colors the waiters would wear, stuff like that.

One morning, Santiago while checking the football score on his mobile phone, came across this advertisement for judi bola.

Santiago had only 300, 000 Colombian pesos in his bank account and he withdrew it all to play judi bola. Santiago played judi bola the very next day and transformed his 300, 000 Colombian pesos into a million Colombian pesos. Within a week of doing the same, Santiago transformed his 300, 000 Colombian pesos into 5 million Colombian pesos. Santiago hasn’t told his parents about the same because he knows that they won’t allow him to play such games. But Santiago thinks that he can become a billionaire within a few years if he keeps multiplying his money like that and his dream of opening a fine restaurant chain will come true.

Young Finnish Man started his own grocery store with Winnipoker

Ramsey is a 30 year old man born and raised in Finland. Finland is one of the richest nations on earth doesn’t mean that each and every person living there is filthy rich. Take Ramsey’s story as an example. Ramsey wasn’t good at studies so his father’s decision was not to enroll Ramsey in college and start him in his small grocery store in Tampere. After completing school, Ramsey started managing his father’s small grocery store in Tampere.

Ramsey was doing it good until the day he fell in love with a girl who used to come everyday to buy stuff at Ramsey’s grocery store. One day, Ramsey stole all the money from his father’s grocery store and ran away with his girlfriend to the small town of Porvoo. Ramsey started working odd-jobs while there and his girlfriend would do nothing. After 7 months, Ramsey’s girlfriend left him and Ramsey wanted to go back to his hometown of Tampere but couldn’t due to the theft he did at his father’s store.

Ramsey had only 500 Euros in his pocket and that was all the money he got. Ramsey wanted to turn these 500 Euros into tens of thousands to start a grocery story of his own. Ramsey said to himself “Let me take a chance, it is either that these 500 Euros turn into tens of thousands or I will go back to my father.”

Ramsey logged in the most trusted winnipoker website and started playing poker. He did nothing but played winnipoker day and night until he turned his 500 Euros into 50, 000 Euros. With those 50, 000 Euros, Ramsey started a grocery store of his own in the town of Porvoo. His grocery store is more popular and makes more money than that of his father. How you liked that? There is nothing impossible if you have the real will and winnipoker.

Young man turned $200 into $21000 within a week with Poker

Richard is a 29 year old young businessman who used to work for an eBay seller before owning his own eBay business. Richard is a photographer by profession. Richard used to work as a photographer for the eBay seller he used to work for before. Working for the eBay seller, Richard learnt everything that he needed to know about how to do an eBay business, where to get the stuff from, how to sell it, how much to sell it for and how much to buy it for, but Richard had no money to start a business. With the salary he got as a photographer, he could only survive, he had no money saved.

Richard was too tired of working for the other person, he wanted to do something on his own too badly. Richard had only $200 saved. Richard had no idea how he can start an eBay business of his own with these $200. Richard went online and started looking for ways to multiply his $200 and after searching for hours he came across one of the most trusted poker websites on the internet. But the website was in Indonesian language, and Richard doesn’t know any other language than English. Richard had a solution to this problem. Richard has a friend who is originally from Indonesia and is now living in Boston. Richard called him up and asked if he could help. The Indonesian guy was more than happy to help Richard. The Indonesian friend of Richard came to Richard’s home and translated the whole thing to Richard. Richard started playing poker in hope to multiply his money to start an eBay business of his own. Richard would do it everyday after coming back from his job, only after a week, Richard had turned his $200 into $21, 000.

Now, Richard is planning to buy cheap clothes from Thailand sell it on eBay.